To build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come.


Food forests growing in every community and in every yard around the world.

our TEAM

Our team is proud to work for a company that aims to make the world a better place. Hover over each team member’s picture to learn about their reasons for joining Food Forest Abundance!

Jim Gale

"I have 4 daughters and I will  do

everything in my growing power to ensure 

that they live FREE."

Jim Gale

Chief Storyteller

Andrea Gale
"I am so excited to be part of
Food Forest Abundance, I
believe our future generations
will benefit greatly from the
work we are doing!"

Andrea Gale

Head of Accounting and HR

Dr. Ian Scott DC

"I joined Food forest Abundance to

motivate and inspire people to grow organic

food at home in a sustainable way. The time is now for taking

responsibility for our sovereignty and

our health. Food is medicine!"

Dr. Ian Scott DC

Executive Vice President

"Being able to help people do something as fundamental

as grow food, brings so much joy.  What an

opportunity we have, to bring our

communities together with our collective skills and drive!"

Brandon Moncrief

Head of Operations

Matthew Britt

"I am here because I love our mission to build a free, healthy,

and abundant society for generations to come, along with our

vision to install food forests in every community in every

yard around the world!" 

Matthew Britt

Sales and Strategic Partnerships

"I believe the greatest gifts in life come from nature. Food Forest Abundance will show

us all how to harness and appreciate these gifts. I am honored to be a part of this

mission, and to leave a better world for the next generation."

Rob Bencze

Sales Support Manager

Chelsea Boissonneault

"My reason why I chose to work for Food Forest

Abundance is that I want to be part of the solution and help others grow their own

food to not only have freedom from supply chain issues arising, but also for

health. Instead of eating less quality foods and chugging supplements, I

believe the answer is to regenerate the soil and grow the very best foods in your own yard." 


Marketing Content Coordinator

Kara Greenwood

"I feel so lucky to be a part of a

team that is focused on

positive change."

Kara Greenwood


Michael Hoffman
"I want my children to grow up in a world
where all can THRIVE, living freely in harmony with nature
as stewards, and I believe that self-reliance is the road that
leads to that future. It is my honor to help pave that road."

Michael Hoffman

Director of Community Development

"I decided to start aligning my life to my

real mission, which was to do work regenerating

Mother Earth and empower others to do the same,

and Food Forest Abundance was the

manifestation of my intentions and prayers."

Allan Campbell

Director of Education

Kevin Feinstein

"I joined Food Forest Abundance because growing food is perhaps the

greatest way to expand our freedom and at the same time improve the health of

our world, communities, and ourselves. Increasing our food sovereignty solves

many of the world's problems and is super fun and delicious!"

Kevin Feinstein

Director of Design and Install Support

"I want to grow energy from the ground up by empowering all people with

the knowledge to grow their own food and thus control their future.  I strive to

create a healthy network of hard-working microbe-farmers populating the soil

of each tree I plant to properly nourish as many humans as I have the

power to reach on this rapidly changing planet."

Mike Jones

Director of Science

"I work with Food Forest

Abundance to help co create

the new Earth full of love and abundance."

Austin Connor

Installer Training Specialist

"I am thrilled to be making a difference on a global level to peoples connection with their

food and inspire a deeper relationship with nature.  Planting hope for the future

and leaving a lasting legacy that nourishes the earth and our souls~"

Lindsay Brandon

Design Team Leader

Lana Medina

"The world has slowed, so we can rediscover ourselves. 

Being a team member with FFA has allowed me to slow down and re-discover my

love for Nature, Plants, Food and FREEDOM! It has been a pleasure to be

part of Food Forest Abundance since April of 2021 and I can’t wait to see

all the life’s we GET to change!"

Lana Medina

Install Coordinator


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