To build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come.


Food forests growing in every community and in every yard around the world.

our TEAM

Our team is proud to work for a company that aims to make the world a better place. Hover over each team member’s picture to learn about their reasons for joining Food Forest Abundance!

Jim Gale

"I have 4 daughters and I will  do
everything in my growing power to ensure 
that they live FREE."

Jim Gale

Chief Storyteller

Andrea Gale
"I am so excited to be part of
Food Forest Abundance, I
believe our future generations
will benefit greatly from the
work we are doing!"

Andrea Gale

Head of Accounting and HR

Michael Hoffman
"I want my children to grow up in a world where
all can THRIVE and live freely in harmony with
nature as stewards.  I believe that self-reliance is
the road that leads to that future. It is my honor
to help pave that road."

Michael Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer

I want to inspire and help people take control
of their own lives, livelihood and future.
For several years I've been helping solopreneurs
and small business to work for themselves.
When I heard about the mission of FFA
I saw an incredible synergy and alignment
of values and mission.

Tim Melanson

Head of Marketing & Technology

Matthew Britt

"I am here because I love our mission to build a free, healthy,
and abundant society for generations to come, along with our
vision to install food forests in every community in every
yard around the world!" 

Matthew Britt

Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Chelsea Boissonneault

"My reason why I chose to work for Food Forest
Abundance is that I want to be part of the solution
and help others grow their own food to not only
have freedom from supply chain issues arising, but
also for health. Instead of eating less quality foods
and chugging supplements, I believe the answer
is to regenerate the soil and grow the very best
foods in your own yard." 


Executive Assistant

"I decided to start aligning my life to my
real mission, which was to do work regenerating
Mother Earth and empower others to do the same,
and Food Forest Abundance was the
manifestation of my intentions and prayers."

Allan Campbell

Director of Education

Kara Greenwood

"I feel so lucky to be a part of a
team that is focused on
positive change."

Kara Greenwood

Bookkeeping / Payroll

"I am thrilled to be making a difference on a global level to
peoples connection with their food and inspire a deeper
relationship with nature.  Planting hope for the future
and leaving a lasting legacy that nourishes the earth
and our souls~"

Lindsay Brandon

Head of Design

"I've practiced permaculture for over 25 years
with my own family and I've seen the positive
impacts it can have. At Food Forest Abundance
I have the opportunity to help so many others
achieve the same for themselves and their

Graham Towerton

Design Team Leader

"Permaculture is the most wonderful level of
reality that I experienced so far. And FFA
gives me the opportunity to connect with
so many people and places in the permaculture
world. I'm grateful to be part of this ecosystem,
I keep learning every day!"

Eléonore Todini

Design Team Leader

Lana Medina

"The world has slowed, so we can rediscover ourselves. 
Being a team member with FFA has allowed me to slow
down and re-discover my love for Nature, Plants, Food
and FREEDOM! It has been a pleasure to be part of
Food Forest Abundance since April of 2021 and
I can’t wait to see all the life’s we GET to change!"

Lana Medina

Install Coordinator


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