An Interview with Freedom Farm Academy Owner – Dr. Stanton Hom

Edible Landscapes, Food Forest Design, Food Forests, Permaculture

Thanks for meeting with us, we know you are a busy man Dr. Stan. Can you please give our audience some background information about yourself?

Sure thing. I am both a dad and a doctor. To be specific I have a family chiropractor that specializes in prenatal and pediatric care. I have practiced for 13 years in San Diego?, and the name of my practice is Future Generations. I work with patients from pre-conception (aka fertility) to postpartum for the most part. 

How did you first come to know about Food Forest Abundance?

In October of 2021, I was introduced to Jim. I had him on my podcast and just thought he was a special human. Not only is he holistic in nature, and cares about the community, but he also understands business. Not to mention his high energy and overall philosophy drew me in as well. The work I do is all about the kids, and our future generations, and I could see that Jim was about this as well. 

At first, I wanted to get a design with Food Forest Abundance. But I was living in a condo which made not much sense to me anymore. So I moved my family and my practice to San Diego and bought 3 acres of land. After we moved and I had all this land, I started to think that I wanted to become more involved with Food Forest Abundance than simply buying a design. 

Why is growing your own food important to you?

You really should care about where your food comes from, and it can’t get better than your own yard. This way you know what the soil is like, what water is being used, that no chemicals are being applied, and more. 

What made you make the decision to open a Freedom Farm Academy?

That’s when I heard about the Freedom Farm Academy and it just made sense to me. I wanted this on my land more so than my own food forest. Not only will I be able to grow my own food, but I will also be able to operate it as a business and help so many others learn how to become self-sufficient. It ties in very well with my already existing business. My office is 6 minutes from our property, and I will be able to carry out the educational aspects of a Freedom Farm Academy there, with the rest on our land.

I also love the other aspects of a Freedom Farm Academy, such as the infrastructure already in place, the partnerships, and the connections. I love the fact that is its own holistic eco-system, from the soil testing to the food that we will harvest. 

Our land is historical grounds that used to be an old avocado orchard and already has an irrigation system in place. But I don’t know how to design a food forest or grow food. So it just made sense to partner with the Freedom Farm Academy and Food Forest Abundance. Not only for the growing food aspect but also to make it into a profit center. Most farmers around here are not very good at business it seems. I know those that will come to visit will eat it up (pun intended!). 

Although many have left California, that has slowed down and fewer people are leaving. I even had the mayor come out and visit me at my practice. He even gave me his support when I told him I do not recommend any vaccines for anyone ever and that felt good to me. 

Apart from growing food, what do you see as vital for living free?

We pride ourselves on helping people to not need the system or at least need it less and less over time. I help people make better choices. I help kids and their nervous systems adapt to the more toxic environment that we, unfortunately, live in these days. I have conversations around shots, and also around pregnancy and birth/postpartum care. More recently I have been diving into getting kids out of the education system. Luckily the Freedom Farm Academy also has that aspect covered as well. Another vital aspect of what I believe in, and that the Freedom Farm Academy demonstrates is that there is no such thing as scarcity.

So when are you opening your Freedom Farm Academy?

Well, that’s a great question. We have just started the design process with the team at Food Forest Abundance. The design will be based on our wants, needs, hopes, and dreams. My goal is to have a completely transformed property 1 year from now. 

What is a Food Forest?

A food forest is thoughtfully designed to produce maximum nutrition, beauty and abundance.