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Celebrate Earth Day Everyday by Turning Your Space Into a Regenerative, Eco-rich Food Forest


Saturday, April 22nd (Earth Day)

April 22, Orlando, FL – In honor of Earth Day, and its 2nd anniversary, Food Forest Abundance (FFA), a permaculture organization, announces its new campaign – “Grow Freedom” – to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable agriculture and the benefits of food forests. The campaign is designed to engage individuals, organizations, and communities to grow their own food, eat healthier, and promote a renewable way of living.

Media are invited to tour FFA’s current Freedom Farm Academy on Saturday, April 22nd to learn more about food forests and permaculture, water harvesting, off-grid energy production and more. On-site interviews can also be scheduled any day of the week.

“Food Forests are a pathway to promote natural living and better health, while growing freedom,” said Jim Gale, CEO/Founder of Food Forest Abundance. “The pandemic’s impact caused people to look for ways to live a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle and that starts with what you eat. We believe the ‘Grow Freedom’ campaign will encourage more people to grow their own food and unite communities.”

Permaculture designs follow the principles of what you find in a forest. Everything in the forest grows abundantly and regeneratively without insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizer. A food forest is a self-sustaining ecosystem of fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables. It is a natural way to provide food, build soil health, and promote biodiversity.

Freedom Farm Academies educate, equip, and empower visitors who want to create that environment on their own property.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day everyday by learning more about food forests, food sovereignty, and how you can get involved in creating a more abundant and regenerative food system. Let’s grow our own food, build stronger communities, and celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature.

Stay tuned for more on our upcoming docuseries, “The Land of Plenty.”

About: Food Forest Abundance helps people grow their own food, turning lawns into food forests. By leveraging the science of permaculture (permanent agriculture) and by working in harmony with nature, they are able to design and install beautiful edible landscapes at homes, schools, churches, city parks, long-term care homes, corporate campuses, and more that yield incredible amounts of healthy, poison free food. They have a team of professional permaculture designers and installers around the world who are ready to help you grow your own food, strengthen your community, and grow freedom today! Connect with Food Forest Abundance today at

Media Contact: [email protected], c: 626-244-5571, or [email protected]

What is a Food Forest?

A food forest is thoughtfully designed to produce maximum nutrition, beauty and abundance.