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We exist to help people grow food!

Food Forest Abundance would like to help local communities build a stronger, independent food system.  We have connected with an amazing network of people who would like to contribute to this model, and we are ready to develop demonstration sites and supply centers that can show what this process LOOKS and FEELS like.  Investors, operators, designers, installers, consultants, and educators can all come together to bring permaculture and food forests into focus, and build health, wealth, and relationships along the way.  See our content below!  If you are interested in being an investor or operating a Freedom Farm Academy please Schedule A Call.


Freedom Farm Academies can:

Are you interested in learning more about this opportunity as an investor or operator?  If you are ready to create a local food system that can make a huge impact in your community and build true wealth, please schedule a call today.  Freedom Farm Academy is going to catalyze massive change in our world!

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