We designed a food forest on 700 square feet in Orlando, FL and it’s loaded with over 40 food and medicine producers. Through the layers of a food forest and what’s planted, more can be yielded in the same square footage of space as an annual garden.

All figures below are estimates and based on the entire design space being installed. We do often phase out installations based on budget and to ensure successfully establishment of thriving edible gardens. 

Food forests are forever. Perennial plants can take between 2 and 5 years typically, however, we also plant annual vegetables for your short-term food supply.

You first share details with us about your space, how much you want designed, and what you want out of your food forest. Your designer will gather the information they need and use Google Earth and other tools to assess your property and create the food forest design of your dreams.

Yes. We work with our network of local food forest installers, in locations all across the country and globally, to ensure your designed food forest is installed professionally and to the highest standards. If you are in a remote area, or an area that we do not yet serve, we will do our best to travel to you.

Since our launch on Earth Day 2021, we have designed food forests for customers in 40 states and 15 countries, including resorts in Thailand, large farms in Africa, and single family residences from Poland to Mexico and all around the United States. Our professional food forest designers can design in any location around the world.

Our food forest designs are low-maintenance and, over time, self-sustaining like a natural forest would be. We will create a design that suits your lifestyle and provide any necessary care instructions, support, and training. The best way to maintain is to observe and interact with joy.


I heard of Food Forest Abundance on a podcast and promptly went to the website and put my info in. I heard from them the next day and loved everything I learned. In the next three months not only had I installed my own Food Forest and transformed my yard, including a green house, but I had a long list of potential clients interested in creating their own Food Forest. The level of support and information for success is amazing.
- Laura L Gilson
This has been an amazing journey in just 4 short months and I can not wait to see how we all evolve this vision together as a truly connected community.
- Eli Slossberg
Food Forest Abundance is amazing. What a great culture and vision. The mission is to take care of the Earth and to build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come. This is exactly what FFA does. I am proud to be a part of FFA!
- Mike Jones
This is truly a movement happening that encourages people to grow their own food. I bought my co-op as an installer and it's really been far more than I could have expected. To have so many hard working, smart, and motivated people working together is very inspiring. They provide all the tools that any team member needs in order to succeed in every aspect of life, honestly. I believe the services they(and I) provide are one of the keys to self sufficiency.
- Paul S
Growing freedom one yard at a time.

A food forest is thoughtfully designed to produce maximum nutrition, beauty and abundance.