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Food forests growing in every community and in every yard around the world.

Food Forest Abundance

Thank you for being open-minded to learning about how you can help us establish Food Forests everywhere and create a thriving decentralized food supply. We have a number of ways that you can team up with us.

What is a Food Forest

A food forest is a diverse, perennial garden that mimics a forest ecosystem and patterns found in nature. Through layers of design, life extends in all directions producing food, medicine, sanctuary, and habitat.

Food forests incorporate 8 layers of edible plants including fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, rhizomes, mushrooms, and perennial vegetables. A food forest is thoughtfully designed to produce maximum nutrition, beauty and abundance.

What is a Food Forest design?

Your Food Forest Design will be fully customized to your climate, planting zone, topography, space, as well as to the beauty, functionality, and abundance you wish to have. Pricing is based on the desired size of your design (not your total lot size)

Food Forest Landscape Blueprint
Food Forest Abundance Design

Once you’ve purchased your Food Forest Design, one of our certified permaculture designers will reach out to you to start the design process.

Our consultation packages offer an open format virtual call centered around helping you gain clarity in various topics related to food production. Our qualified team will help jump start your journey to give you the tips and tricks that only experience can provide!

Currently, we are offering a Food Forest Consultation, along with Self-Reliant Living and Emergency Preparedness Consultations.

Once you have purchased your consultation, we will reach out for you to select the topics you would like to discuss and schedule the consultation in an available timeslot.

Do you want to join us?

Food Forest Abundance Cooperative Partnership

Join us in creating abundant food forests in every neighborhood around the world, maybe even starting with yours.

Food forests are low-maintenance, sustainable, edible landscapes perfect for suburban yards, retirement villages, schools, community gardens, businesses, and everywhere in between.

Imagine every yard transformed into a beautiful, productive forest garden that mimics nature, produces food, and benefits the planet.

Cooperative Partnership

Food Forest Abundance Ambassador Program

As a member of our Abundance Ambassador community, you’ll earn 10% commission on all sales of designs sold through your affiliate link. (After 10 sales earn 15%)

Earn 5% commission on all consultations sold through your affiliate link. (After 10 sales earn 10%)

Food Forest Abundance Install

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Food Forest Abundance
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