Looking for a professional way to grow food & help people be more self-reliant?

Join us in creating abundant food forests in every neighborhood around the world, maybe even starting with yours.

Food forests are low-maintenance, sustainable, edible landscapes perfect for suburban yards, retirement villages, schools, community gardens, businesses, and everywhere in between.

Imagine every yard transformed into a beautiful, productive forest garden that mimics nature, produces food, and benefits the planet.

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Join our Cooperative and offer any or all of the following services:

  • Work with our designers to install food forests for our clients.
  • Grow and provide plants to our installer network and clients.
  • Provide food forest experiences and educational opportunities.
  • Gather and sell food forest surplus within your community.

You’ll be supported by:

  • The Food Forest Abundance brand
  • Sales and marketing content & materials
  • Business consulting, training & support
  • Collaboration with the Cooperative network


Food Forest Abundance gives you the foundation for a successful business and a path to freedom.

If you’re ready to create a Food Forest Abundance business or add it to your current offerings, share your interest below.

Ready to start the path to helping your community?