Let us know if you are interested!


This is a wonderful opportunity to gain needed experience and work with a team.  Be a part of the Garden Staff and manage the farm and growing schedule.  Assisting customers and providing service is also in demand!

*Some of the needed capacities include: vision to see the bigger picture, using sustainable practices, hydroponic experience, dehydrating, and using homemade salts.

Some of the expected roles are:

  • Showcase the farm/barn/garden areas to members, guests, and prospects by talking about the offerings and benefits.
  • Responsible for the overall management of the daily maintenance of plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers to include planting, weeding, mulching, watering, and harvesting.
  • Manage care for farm animals (chickens and rabbits) to include but not limited to providing food, water, and cleaning pens/cages.
  • Respond to all member requests promptly and with care.
  • Manage the seeding schedule for all fruits and vegetables, knowledge of the South Florida best practices for growing and timing of crop rotation.
  • Monitor harvest weights, and share with Executive Chef.
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I heard of Food Forest Abundance on a podcast and promptly went to the website and put my info in. I heard from them the next day and loved everything I learned. In the next three months not only had I installed my own Food Forest and transformed my yard, including a green house, but I had a long list of potential clients interested in creating their own Food Forest. The level of support and information for success is amazing.
- Laura L Gilson
This has been an amazing journey in just 4 short months and I can not wait to see how we all evolve this vision together as a truly connected community.
- Eli Slossberg
Food Forest Abundance is amazing. What a great culture and vision. The mission is to take care of the Earth and to build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come. This is exactly what FFA does. I am proud to be a part of FFA!
- Mike Jones
This is truly a movement happening that encourages people to grow their own food. I bought my co-op as an installer and it's really been far more than I could have expected. To have so many hard working, smart, and motivated people working together is very inspiring. They provide all the tools that any team member needs in order to succeed in every aspect of life, honestly. I believe the services they(and I) provide are one of the keys to self sufficiency.
- Paul S