Become a Certified Permaculture Designer

permaculture certificate

Get certified through our 72-hour Permaculture Design Course

So what does our Live Online PDC look like? 

  • Class starts: July 6, 2020
  • Live online with your instructor Nicholas Burtner at 10 am central time every weekday
  • The entire course will last around 2.5 months depending on how fast we get through the material and questions.
  • Each day will have a live session of about 90 minutes long. This means you will be immersed, but still not overly immersed, daily for a few months to really absorb the material in microdoses.
  • Questions will be answered at the end of every session so make sure you are there for the live sessions to ask questions
  • The sessions will be recorded and available for only 6 weeks after the class ends
  • And don’t worry we will send out an email detailing everything as we get closer to the start date.

Main Topics Covered

  • Introduction & Why, historically, there is a need
  • Principles, Concepts, and Themes
  • Methods of Design
  • Patterns
  • Climatic Factors – Tropics, Arid, Temperate
  • Trees & Their Energy Transactions
  • Water
  • Earthworks
  • Aquaculture
  • Soils
  • Architecture
  • Strategies for an Alternative Nation

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of people take a PDC?

We have had chiropractors, homemakers, homeschooling moms, registered nurses, office administrators, network storage engineers, catastrophe claims adjusters, accountants, bank controllers, doctors, ranchers, teachers, audio technicians, pilots, operations managers, retirees, veterans, customer service professionals, coaches, global business consultants, coders, high schoolers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, farmers, electricians, homesteaders, sales professionals, real estate agents, librarians, geologists, architects, artists, missionaries…you name it – we encourage diversity and Permaculture helps people of all backgrounds find harmony.

What is Permaculture?

Why take a Permaculture Design Course?

What are the benefits of Permaculture?

What can I do once I take a Permaculture Design Course?