Free, Live, Online - September 23-25, 2022

The 2022 Permaculture Design Conference

So you have a wish list for your property…a water-harvesting system, and a greenhouse, and a chicken coop, and maybe a fish pond – oh, of course compost bins! And an outdoor kitchen, and a root cellar, and….

But how do you place them all, in a way that makes sense? How do you create a labor-saving, food-producing, earth-healing property instead of one that drains your time, money, and energy?

Includes 3 Days of Permaculture Tactics, Tools, and Empowerment

Our very own designer, Lindsay Brandon, will be presenting at this special conference!  Be sure to check out her presentation on September 25th at 11:30am MT.

There are some amazing speakers at this event, and this is an amazing opportunity.  Below are some of the speakers and the topics they will cover:


Growing freedom one designer at a time

Are you interested in becoming a designer or just want to know more about permaculture?  Enroll now to begin class by October 20th!  One of the best courses on the market is at your fingertips.  CONTACT US to get 10% off of this fantastic course!