Why start with a design?

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Food forests incorporate 7 layers of edible plants including fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, rhizomes, mushrooms, and perennial vegetables. 

The most common reason people fail is going in without a plan.
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Canopy Layer

This is the largest layer of a food forest system and acts as a productive windbreak crop. It is composed of trees that are typically 40+ feet once fully mature.

Understory Layer

This layer is made up of small productive trees, or large shrubs, designed to increase crop yield. This layer is usually 10-25ft once fully mature.


An additional layer of productivity, the vining layer is vertical grow space. This increases yield and pollinator attraction as they climb through the larger layers of the food forest system.

Shrub Layer

A perennial crop, consisting primarily of berries and medicinal varieties but also used to build habitat and pollinator support. These plants are usually kept at 10ft once mature.

Herb Layer

A mix of annuals and perennials, this layer is smaller plant varieties that die back in Winter but return in Spring. These are generally culinary and medicinal herbs used to confuse pests and minimize disease.

Root Zone

An underground layer of edible plants is used to increase soil texture and fertility. These are usually medicinal and culinary roots and tubers.

Mycelial Network

This is an underground communication network which ties all of the layers together. The mushroom is the fruiting body, while the mycelium assists in carbon sequestration, is a decomposer, and builds a dynamic community of essential microorganisms in the soil. This is the foundation of the whole system.

Ground Cover

Creeping, living mulch layer. These plants are an essential part of the forest floor and are implemented to increase yield diversity, soil protection, and habitat for insects and wildlife.

Start with a Design

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Top 10 reasons why you should start with a professional design.

Get it Right, the FIRST Time!

Buying and placing perennial plants on your property is a big investment of your time and money to begin with, and you often won’t know if you were successful until at least a year or more has passed. Our Designers thoroughly evaluate your property when considering what plants are selected, how they are placed, and how water and people move through the landscape for ongoing growth and abundance.

PLAN for Success

Did you know the most common reason homesteads fail is going in without a plan? You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, would you? Having a clear plan will help you develop a budget, phase your implementation, and manage your time so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We Turn Problems Into Solutions

You don’t have a surplus of Grasshoppers; you have a deficiency of Chickens! You don’t have a drainage problem; you have a water retention opportunity. Permaculture designers are trained to turn limitations into opportunities, creatively using and responding to change and integrating multiple design elements to work together harmoniously.

Obtain a Superior Yield

There is a difference between a tree surviving and THRIVING. Our designs begin with restoring healthy soil as the foundation on which layers of plants are stacked that work together in close proximity, creating ultra-abundant ecosystems. This means we can pack more food into less space, and no yard is too small for us to generate a yield.


We Know Plants…and The Company They Like to Keep!

Not only will we help you select varieties of edible plants that will flourish in your climate, but we will select “companions” to create communities of plants that are stronger together than they would be alone. Pest & Weed deterrence, Nitrogen Fixation (improving soil fertility), Pollinator Attraction, Habitat, Mulch, and Compost Production are just some of the functions happening in these thoughtfully designed systems.

Use Your Resources Wisely

Your Design is thoughtfully created to eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides; conserve water usage; and be low maintenance. They can also thoughtfully moderate energy usage by being conscious of plant placement in relation to the sun and heat sinks on the property.

Let Your Livestock Work for You

Without a Design, it is all too common for homesteaders to become slaves to their livestock, spending considerable time and money to sustain their animals and leaving their land extracted. This is all backwards; it is the livestock that should providing a yield and leaving the land regenerated! Our Homestead Designs ensure you have the right space, water, pasture, fodder, infrastructure, and strategies in place to seamlessly integrate livestock onto your property and into your lifestyle.

GROW Your Assets
Every fruit begins as a flower, and edible plants can be just as beautiful as ornamental ones! Professional designs carefully consider aesthetics to create landscapes that will boost your curb appeal and property value. Plants can be selected for the color of their flower and the time of year they bloom, water features placed thoughtfully, fences and arbors used as trellises for flowering vines, and captivating living-scenes surrounding
Support and Mentoring
Our Design Process includes a minimum of 3 consultations to co-create, explain your design, answer questions, and educate you on its successful implementation…but the journey doesn’t stop there! Your designer can help coordinate the installation or offer DIY support, and we would love to help you continue your journey to be an example for your community to demonstrate living in freedom and abundance!
Designed for YOU
Don’t have a lot of time to spend in the garden? No problem. Do you love to live outside and want immersive spaces where you can reconnect to nature? Consider it done. Your design is created for your unique goals, lifestyle, and interests in mind so that it enhances your life. We can include juice & smoothie gardens, tea gardens, outdoor kitchens, livestock, children’s sensory gardens & play areas, medicinal gardens, flower (pollinator) gardens, potagers, apiaries, culinary gardens, and more within your design.


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What people are saying.

5 star experience in every way! Incredible purpose driven company that is sowing the seeds for an abundant future. They live up to the name, Food Forest Abundance. Last year, I was excited about having a vegetable garden and planting a couple of blueberry bushes. This year, after partnering with Graham from Food Forest Abundance, I now have a detailed plan to install 10 fruit trees, 2 hazelnut bushes, 60 berry bushes, a greenhouse, a variety of perennial plants, and more! While still leaving room for activities and social gatherings on my small urban lot. Their name says it all - food forests truly lead to abundance, which is the natural language of this beautiful planet. The entire process was simple, empowering, and inspiring. Graham was lovely to work with - he is a wealth of knowledge and answered every question I had in a friendly, conversational way. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and learned so much! I'm so grateful for FFA and am thrilled to convert my yard to an abundant food forest this summer :D.
Mary Buffo
Mary Buffo
I had a fantastic 30 minute FREE session with Allen C.! My garden experience is above average, so I did some homework, watched some FFA videos, and had specific questions ready for our session. I have already put some permaculture practices in place since our conversation! Thank you! It's exciting to delve into a new way of thinking about food production!
Megan Caroline
Megan Caroline
My husband and I got to come out to the farm the other week and were so impressed! Jim gave us the tour and it was a such an educational and wonderful experience. Not to mention, we got to eat some delicious plants along the way (I always love to snack while learning). Looking forward to everything Food Forest Abundance has planned. Keep up the great work!!
Barbara Davis
Barbara Davis
I can not say for sure if I was led to Jim Gale’s YouTube Food Forest Abundance video by Universe or my search history. However, my follow up meeting with Annette Argabright is changing my life. She opened up the doors to all the things I was only dreaming of and said yes. It is a wonderful time to be a live and there is a lot of work to do. I am forever grateful for the support and kindness that I know we will share a long this journey.
Suzy Hoffmann
Suzy Hoffmann
Thanks Annette for a very informative ,pleasant and helpful conversation with you. Thank you also for sending me for other information.We got hit by bad weather here that I totally forgot about this.
Linda Hill
Linda Hill
Just wanted to give huge kudos to Annette Argabright for the invaluable 30-minutes of time, plus thorough follow-up info, that she shared with me. She imparted knowledge, wisdom and multiple tools to help me expand my permaculture space and build a gratifying & productive food forest in my yard. I'm super excited about next steps, so needed as I aim to be a wise land steward - and to help Nature flourish. Thank you, Annette. 🙂
Monte Cielo
Monte Cielo
Quick response, great customer service. I had my first call with FFA and I am looking forward to work with people align with such and important and sometime underestimated matter such as growing and provide food. Nature among so many things, is about abundance, giving and sharing, and FFA knows about that and apply it in the way they do business.
Allan Campbell
Allan Campbell
This is a organization comprised of talented and driven individuals with the mission to create a better world and bring joy and abundance to everyone.
Jim Gale
Jim Gale
Hi Folks, Our vision at Food Forest Abundance is Food Forests Everywhere! We have a global team of professional designers with a vast array of experience designing Food Forests that mimic natural systems and will provide food forest generations to come.
vista exline
vista exline
I learned so much during this one hour conversation. The discussion was tailored to my needs and desire and new topics were introduced. I totally recommend Food Forest Abundance (and Annette Argabright) as a source of information, ideas and inspiration. Thank you. Vista Exline